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We want to help you with your struggles in life. Repeated exposure to stressful situations can begin to manifest in ways that may be unclear to you. We want to help you understand the underlying issues, teach you ways to manage the struggles effectively and help you resolve those issues. We focus on providing effective resolution and quick solutions to your problems so you can get back to living your life, not just surviving it.


"My whole life has been fighting who I am. After my wife passed away Rhonda has been instrumental in being able to accept me for who I truly am, a transgender woman who had been in hiding but was finally out. I knew I needed help prior to this and Rhonda has been with me through it all, encouraging me to continue going forward with no looking back. She's taught me how to take all the negatives in my life and either turned them into positives or cleaned them out and put them in a trash heap to be burned and out of my life. I don't know about other EMDR therapists but if they're anything like Rhonda I would recommend them in a heartbeat. In closing I would like to say how happy I've been with Rhonda and EMDR 808 Pacific Counseling"


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We greatly appreciate your honest feedback. Our hope is that by sharing your experience others who are contemplating their own healing journey may feel more confident. 

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