Benefits are instant. You will gain knowledge to continue accessing the peace and
understanding to utilize in your life, to live the fullest most passionate life possible.


Finding your way here is not an accident or coincidence. You were led here because not only are you curious about what the Charka Healing experience is about, you are looking for greater peace and understanding about your life and journey through it. Seeking peace and happiness is not unrealistic to ask for in life but finding it can be challenging and holding onto it even more.

What are Chakras

Chakras are often associated with yoga or meditation, but date back thousands of years. Chakras are energy wheels that run along our spine and affect our mind and thoughts, body and physical health, emotions, and overall well-being. Energy is all around us and within us. You may have experienced a time when you walked into a building or place and felt creepy unsettling vibes. Well, that is energy. Or when you walked by someone and felt a yucky, icky vibes from a person. That too, is energy. The energy within us can get out of balance and in ways warped, making life feel like a struggle or harder. A chakra cleanse and healing can help to get you back into a state of calm, peace, and clarity in thinking.

Why Participate

Everyone deserves to feel peace and happiness. When we are in a state of peace and happiness, we can balance the demands of our human lives. Let’s face it, our lives can be hectic and constantly we are on the go to get to the next thing, which can throw our wheels of energy into a tumultuous and rattling sense of stress, overwhelm, dissatisfaction and hardship. Wheels (energy) out of balance can even affect our physical health too. Everyone seeks peace and balance in their own way. Maybe through addiction, they think they are getting to peace by avoiding pain. Perhaps, working long hours and making more money gives you a sense of peace knowing that you can pay for your bills or take vacations. Doing things, to get something is often what our thinking is. Sometimes it works and we experience peace, at least for some time, but then it eventually fades. Life doesn’t have to be a continuous run of looking for the next moment of peace or happiness. It is all within you.

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The Details

Experiences are held on Fridays & Saturdays

6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Sunday sessions are available if followed by a Holiday.

Dates and times are subject to change depending on weather

Open Group: anyone is welcome to join our yurt experience. Register below for the next open date. Yurt location will be disclosed after registration and payment are complete.

Private Group: schedule a private experience at our yurt or a location of your choice with a group of people of your choosing. Private Group discount for 10+ people at your location. Contact us to request a date.

This is a social gathering experience and each participant is asked to bring a food dish to share with the group. 

 As a native of Hawaii, I've witnessed how food plays a pivotal role in my culture when it comes to social gatherings. Sharing a meal is more than just a culinary experience- it's a way of nurturing, nourishing, and connecting with others.

Given the transformative work that lies ahead, this shared meal and connection are instrumental in harmonizing our energies for what's to come. Social gatherings are about the synergy of meeting, sharing food, and setting the right vibration to prepare for healing work in a shared space.

Experience Schedule: 

6:30 pm Social gathering
7:30 - 8:00 pm Transition to healing work
8:00 - 10:00 pm Chakra healing and alignment

What to Bring:
This is an outdoor experience in a yurt
o Food dish to share with others
o Prepare to dress appropriately for the weather/temperature
o Easy slip-on/off shoes
o Pillow, blanket, yoga mat, or  any items for comfort to lay on the floor of the yurt
o An open mind

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Chakra Healing Experience

$99 per person

Yurt limit 9 people

Open group dates coming Fall 2024

Contact us to schedule a private group

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