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There is so much anger, violence, hate and struggles in the world that we are all exposed to. We are all trying to do our best to live the best, fullest life possible. When we are living our fullest life possible, we have peace, happiness and satisfaction with where we are in life. Maybe not all the time, but generally we experience that satisfaction in most areas of our life.
However, life sometimes can continue to throw curve balls that prevent us from reaching our full capacity. Sometimes we even hide personal things about ourselves in fear that others will reject, judge, dislike, or insult us for who we are but are afraid to let others see that part of us. Hiding our authentic self can be a conscious or unconscious barrier that prevents us from reaching our full capacity and satisfaction in life.  Because we are social creatures and are meant to be in a tribe (figuratively speaking) we need to have a sense of belonging and attachment to others, whether we want to admit it or not. Although other people prefer to be alone to avoid the 'trauma drama' as one of my friends put it, because being alone is simpler than having to make ourselves a little uncomfortable or inconvenienced to have other people around us. And, if you are that person who prefers to be alone, you will have the satisfaction and fulfillment in life. But sometimes we might tell ourselves that I like to be alone as an unconscious guard we put up to avoid the hurt and work of relationships. In any case, it feels so much better to know that if we truly needed someone, at some point, there will be someone there for us. 
This Open Forum page is for everyone who wants to have a sense of connection to the world, to the community to each other near or far. This is a place where we can express and share parts or all of our true authentic self without judgement, shame or ridicule. This page is setup with love for anyone. 

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